His story

His story

The first steps on his musical path were the piano lessons at the age of 8. After getting familiar with the music theory and developing his hearing, he started to teach himself playing the guitar. Inspired by many rock icons from the sixties, seventies and eighties, his knowledge and experience grow - resulting in what he is today (besides his daytime job): guitarist, bassguitarist, recording musician, bandmember, instrument builder and more...

Sting, Andy Summers, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Pete Townsend, John Entwistle, Dave Matthews, Jeff Buckley, The Edge, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May, Paul McCartney and many, many more...

Gear listing


Guitars Bass Guitars
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Gretsch Electromatic G5120
  • Custom build Fender Stratocaster copy
  • Squier Telecaster
  • Cort Acoustic 6-string
  • Ibanez Concord Acoustic 12-string
  • Fender Deluxe Precision Special
  • Squier Precision Special
  • Squier ’52 reissue Precision
  • Leonardo 3/4 upright bass
Guitar FX Bass Guitar FX
  • Line6 HD400
  • Digitech Bad Monkey
  • Boss PW-2 PowerDriver
  • Mooer Hustle Drive
  • Mooer Blues Mood
  • Digitech SynthWah
  • EHX POG2
  • Custom Looper
    • MXR M132 SuperComp
    • MXR Phase90
    • Custom Build Booster/Overdrive
    • Ibanez Bass Chorus
    • EHX BassBalls
    • Zoom B3n
    Tech21 Sansamp BassDriver DI
Guitar amps Bass Guitar amps
    • Sound City 50 PLUS 50W head
    • 4×12 Sound City cabinet (Fane speakers)
    • Marshall VS100R Valvestate with custom build 2×12″Cabinet
    Farfisa L73 Rotating Speaker
    • Ampeg SVT-IV PRO (700W)
    • Custom Build Ampeg modelled 2×10″ cabinet (400W)
    • Ampeg SVT15E Classic 1×15″cabinet
    Line6 Lowdown 150W


Miscelaneous Studio Equipment
    • Line6 Relay G30 Wireless
    • Shure SE315 In Ear Monitors
    • Dunlop Tortex & Ultex Sharp Player Picks 0.73/0.80
    • Daddario EXL110 Guitar Strings
    Rotosound RS 66LD Bass Guitar Strings
    • Presonus 1818VSL recording interface
    • Zoom R24 recording studio
    • Studio Projects B1 Condenser Microphone
    • M-Audio Fast Track MKII
    SM Pro Audio V-Machine

"Without music, life would be a mistake...."